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I Promise I am an Adult

I am a twenty-year-old girl living alone in New York City, and how do I spend my free time? At a one direction concert, obviously. Nothing bonds people together like a shared obsession for 1D. In fact, on my first day of college I overheard someone talking about Harry Styles and couldn’t help myself from barging into their conversation. We’ve been friends ever since (in fact he is the one I went to the 1D concert with). Oh, and we may or may not have decorated ourselves with themed- stickers.

Ashish is clearly on the same page. Or maybe they just want to tap into the insane amount of money extreme fans are willing to part with for the chance to own a piece of their favorite stars. (Because, hey if I saw someone with my face printed onto their pants I would totally want to date them…) Whatever the case, you’ve got to check them out.

 flip that sign upside down please!
(at Marlow & Sons in Brooklyn)

Back in my old neighborhood for a friend's birthday party.
 She made us DIY custom flutes- too cute! 

I wouldn't mind having this as my view! If you have some free time in the city before the end of October make a point of checking out the rooftop at The Met. And while you're at it, try the jalapeno lemonade! 

As Bubbly As A Glass Of Champagne

A very Viennese brunch at Cafe Sabarsky

            As the days grow shorter and the holidays creep closer, things have a pleasant tendency to slow down. Days that were previously filled with conference calls and last-minute exam prep are now focused on seemingly important matters such as the logistics of mulled wine and the appropriate amount of layers to wear while window-shopping down 5th Avenue. It's a season of chilly bliss and acceptable over-consumption of all things merry and bright.

            You may remember that I was planning on studying abroad during the past fall semester. Well, due to previously mentioned unforeseen circumstances regarding my mother’s health, I held off on London. Now I am happy to say that I will actually be heading ‘across the pond’ for spring term, come January 2015! Massively excited. Also as it draws nearer, increasingly nervous about moving (albeit just for a short term) to a place where I don’t know more than a handful of people. But hey, hopefully that lack of even having an existing comfort zone will help create an even more enriching experience.

I’d better make friends quickly though, because I have a long list of weekend trips I’m dying to take (Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Berlin… It’s a long list.). I’m not too worried- they say the best weekend trips are the result of serendipity and spontaneity!

Two of my favorite things: the viennese coffee scoops at 'Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream' down on Rivington, and my new Louis Vuitton bag (curtesy of the best boss ever!). 

Being a dork in my massive pink sweater at another laugh-out-loud, stomach-cramping 'Hello Giggles' show at the UCB Theater East. The show was hosted by the (almost annoyingly) talented Ruby Karp and featured my celeb crush du jour Brooks Wheelan. *swoon*

Because you're never too old to play with arts and crafts at work.
 Side note, if you want to see some real fun with beads, check out the last page of our newest issue of Cherry Bombe (#4). Hint: Can you spell Tequila? 

And look out for my article on Pamela Barsky while you're there! 

The opening of the new Rebecca Minkoff store in Soho was gloriously catered by the makers of all-things-cutesy-&-tasty treats, Flour Shop. Hot cocoa lined with sprinkles was just the thing to warm my numb hands on a cold day (at least long enough to shop, anyway). 

My Work: Jena Malone, 'A Woman Under the Influence'

Fresh out of the movie theaters from seeing the newest installment of the Hunger Games (spoiler alert: Katniss is still a badass), I was reminded of an editorial I worked on with another one of the franchise’s stats, Jena Malone. The story which was featured in Bullett Magazine was held for quite some time due to the uncertainly of the publication’s future (which now exists solely online).

Shot by the talented James Orlando, Bullett’s creative director, the concept of the shoot was to mirror the futuristic, dystopian society of Panem, the mythical setting of the Hunger Games trilogy. That Ms. Malone was quite a character. But one thing that can be said in her favor is that the girl can definitely cut a memorable silhouette on film.


Trying a look on a stylist's assistant... 

Surfing the Skies

      As someone who is often struck by the insatiable desire to travel the world many times over, I’ve become a zealous advocate of filling your wanderlust dreams. I long to stroll Rome’s perfectly imperfect cobblestone streets. To swim those mosaic of hues that make up the Aegean Seas.

       But I am also someone whose feet are firmly planted in reality. Someone who realizes that as much as I would like to I can’t drop everything at a moments’ notice and jet off to Copenhagen for the weekend. As much as I would love to be devouring the white asparagus at Noma by tomorrow evening...

       To assuage my yearning I enlisted a friend of mine to explore our own city, seeing where the moment would take us. So one weekday morning flooded in sunlight and clear blue skies we trekked over to Williamsburg in search of adventure. It was a long day fueled by dazzling views of Manhattan’s skyline and cups of coffee at Toby’s Estate.  As it turns out a traipse around the city was just what we needed. 

I can't lie... we may or may not have gone full-tourist and blasted Taylor Swift's new song 'Welcome to New York' while standing on that pier. That scrumptious ice cream (blueberry pancake flavored!) from OddFellows Ice Cream Co. was the perfect treat on such an unseasonably warm day. And of course what trip to Brooklyn would be complete without finishing off the day with a stop into my favorite movie theater, The Nitehawk? 


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