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"Live from New York, it's (Not) Saturday Night!"

            On any Saturday in season, it’s a given where you can find me- plopped on the couch in my living room counting down the minutes until someone shouts, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” In fact, the most social-ness allowed in my apartment that night is having a few friends over to laugh at the jokes, discuss the host, and hate on the fact that Seth is no longer at The Update Desk. It’s the only hottest ticket in town that includes wine, homemade sweet potato fries, and getting way too emotionally involved.

Even though it’s nearly impossible to weasel your way into actually getting tickets to see the show in person (some weird, extensive process of emailing them within an absurd timeframe), it has dawned on me that living in New York there is easy access to everything/everyone involved in SNL. UCB, for example, does stand up shows all the time featuring cast members for as little as $5. And if you’re really into it, a number of the top guys and gals do stand up shows at comedy bars/theaters all around the city, which you can find out about via Twitter, etc. And if you’re a complete weirdo (like me), you can beg all of your friends to sign up for Seth Meyers tickets until you end up going to his show three times in one week.

Even though we’re not funny, Two of my friends and I are working on our own act to further our quest of pursuing the absolute lowest-paying jobs in America (stand up is a close second to fashion in terms of the lowest possibility of making a profit, like ever). So far it includes the three of us sitting on a couch, flipping through magazines while making sassy remarks. So basically, it’s a snippet of what we do during our free time. (“Fascinating and impossible not to get lost in,” says My Mom. “A teeming, Woody-Allen-ish cast,” says My Dad. The rest of the audience politely sipped their cocktails and hoped it would be over soon.)  More to come…   

Me + Sasheer Zamata at UCB East.

Two of my victims friends I forced to take me to Seth.

What else can one do after attending a Seth taping besides just generally accepting your touristy fate? 

Regis boys & Sacred Heart girls 
with Colin Jost (I have finally forgiven for taking over Seth's place at Weekend Update)

Another One Bites the Dust

@carolinexmason PLL nights.

            As always, the summer seems to fly by without so much as lending us a moment to take a step back (and cross all those rooftop bars off my bucket list) to appreciate. But regardless of how busy I am I always try to make a point of putting my feet up every now and then and spend time with friends. August in New York is unseasonable sriracha-hot, so activities tend to center around who/where has the most powerful AC and wi-fi connection. But I’m looking forward to spending the last few weeks before heading back to school (albeit one that’s a short subway ride away) with these weirdos. I hope you’re all enjoying the summertime as much as we are!

Hard at work on set... 
The model assistant or the model/assistant? We'll never know. 

A quick selfie with Demi. 

My friend recently moved to Willaimsburg and became the keeper of some prime rooftop views. Only the idea of actually having a glass of wine up top is mildly terrifying- despite the gorgeous backdrop, the space is tilted slightly downward with no ledge. Hopefully not an accident waiting to happen. 

My lovely blogger-friend Lisa and I post-stuffing our faces at Schiller's Liquor Bar Sunday brunch. It may be hard to tell, but we're currently mad at America (but very happy for Germany)! 

Big Sis-ing

 my two favorite boys head to Brooklyn 

One should never admit this, but my little brother is way cooler than me. For that reason, my friends and I love it when he comes to visit us in the city. Whenever he is around exciting things just seem to happen to him and by extension, us. Last time it was dancing with Emma Watson and a slew of Victoria’s Secret models, and when he came to visit a few weekends ago, I kid you not, all these random hip kids just kept inviting us places and buying us food and drinks. And the best part is, he probably thinks these things happen to me on an everyday basis.

The only thing worse than your sibling being cooler than you is giving them the satisfaction of knowing they’re cooler than you. 

Instilling the importance of Sunday brunch in the culture of New Yorkers. At The Smith. 

Just a few everyday decorations at Milon on the Lower East Side. 

Photo opportunities are always a struggle when someone is 6'5. 

Americana and whatnot.

the hamptons.

When I got on the Hampton Jitney to head out to Southampton for the weekend, I was shocked to learn that service is apparently BYOB now. Or more accurately, the staff is either too scared or simply doesn’t care enough to stop whatever is happening, be it the rowdy frat boys (drinking out of communal bottles) or waspy moms (enjoying well-earned turtle time). Regardless, three and a half hours later we were there, enjoying a sangria-and-manchego-fueled weekend.

I also finally got my hands on a pair of white Arizona Birkenstocks, which seem to have magically become the it item of the summer, seen on the feet of everyone from the Olsens to Leandra Medine. I’d always been very against the ‘ugly-is-cool’ footwear trend, but slipping on a pair of these babies felt strange and amazing. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the bright white and wide cut of the sandals give the instant Victoria’s Secret Angel effect on legs. Sign me up.

The "appetizers" section of the kitchen...


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